Traditional business models don't work for difference-makers.

If your goal is to get your message out to the world, make a lasting impact on people's lives, and live a lifestyle that's perfect for you while you make it happen…

If you've been to seminars, read books, attended webinars & teleseminars, purchased online courses, DVDs, CDs and expensive coaching services…

And it's still not happening for you, the simple truth is: it's not your fault!

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Difference-Makers need a special kind of strategic process – one that enables you to completely forget about selling and place all your FOCUS ON IMPACT™ so you can successfully and consistently make your difference and, as a result, get paid top fees for the unique impact you bring to people's lives through your message, products and services.

I've attended a lot of events, but this event is by far the best event I've ever attended. This program delivers and you're going to leave with a blueprint and actions steps that you can really implement and know how to do it! — Carolyn Owens

You need a proven, step-by-step map that's completely customized to your unique personality and goals, your unique gifts and message, your unique products and services and your unique lifestyle…
Wendy is masterful in what she teaches and how she presents. You will have a finished product and for a difference-maker, that is amazing. — Lorna DiMeo

You need a system you can use to capitalize on all the experiences of your life and all the training you've already paid for with an easy plan to create products and services people will buy and use and love and share with their friends…

I'm a retired CEO of a Fortune 100 company…some of the things I learned in the last 4 days here would have enabled me to have had a smoother life when I was in business. — Colin Adamson

You need to be a valued member of a Community of Difference-Makers™ who will support you, collaborate with you, promote you, hold you up when you need it most and laugh with you all the way to the top…

Wendy Lipton-Dibner is a gift to the world! I'd recommend this to everyone I meet! — Carol & Anthony Pierre

You need the Focus on Impact™ Business Map – the only strategic business model ever developed, tested and proven effective for difference-makers – with multi-million dollar strategies to give you the clarity, sequencing, collaboration and community you need to reach millions, make millions and love your life along the way!

An awesome, information-packed event. Wendy in less than 10 minutes, cut to the chase and helped me discover what my business is all about and why I'm doing it so that alone was worth the price of admission. — Oz Shafer
I've been planning the Difference-Maker Summit™ since 1982 and it's finally here! Over 4 extraordinary days, I'll walk you step-by-step through the Focus on Impact™ Map – the only business model ever developed specifically for difference-makers. This powerful model has been tested and proven to produce measurable results across multiple industries, products and services. Together we'll find the missing links to your success so you can plug in what you need and and finally get what you truly want – for your business and your life!

The Focus on Impact Map™ gives you the clarity, sequencing and formulas you need so you know precisely WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, WHERE to do it, HOW to do it and WHO you can count on to help you build a sustainable business so you can make the unique impact you were born to bring the world, achieve the financial rewards you so richly deserve and love your life all along the way!

Wendy was amazing! A behind-the-scenes look at how the top influencers succeed! How and Why – unbelievable! — Daniel Ruke
Wendy's training is unlike any other. She has given us a detailed, step-by-step, immediately usable information to make an impact and a difference in people's lives. — Rita Ferguson


Participate in the Global Collaboration Project™

Wendy's proprietary collaboration process has created extraordinary results for her private clients. Now she's bringing her secrets to you in a massive project that will pull together difference-makers from around the globe. The Global Collaboration Project will launch at the Difference-Maker Summit™ and continue long after the event has passed, giving you the unprecedented opportunity to magnify and capitalize on your message and make a greater impact than you can ever make alone…

Wendy will facilitate your collaboration with other difference-makers at the event and help you find the best fit for your unique expertise and goals. Plus, Wendy will stay with you long after the event has ended to help your collaborative team sustain your Focus on Impact™ and grow your reach!

Wendy Lipton-Dibner is the world's leading authority on expert collaboration. She has developed an amazing process to bring difference-makers together in projects that become international blockbusters. I've seen it first-hand and it's really powerful - nothing like it anywhere. – Rick Frishman, President and CEO, FME, Inc. and Founder, Author 101 University

Experience the power of collaboration as you come together with other difference-makers under Wendy's guidance so you can grow your reach exponentially and create a massive impact greater than the world has ever seen!

The impact we make together will be
far greater than any we will ever make alone!™

Wendy is practical, she's fun and she teaches us the skills we need to really get out and help others. It's a much more structured and effective means of doing it than I've seen from a lot of other people who are just trying to sell you to come to more and more of their programs and not learning the nitty-gritty. Wendy gets down to the nitty-gritty. — Dr. Judy Cook


Connect with Wendy's Community of Difference-Makers™

Whether you're a mompreneur or a Fortune 100 executive, a non-profit leader or a practicing clinician, the Journey of Impact™ gets lonely – especially at 2:00 a.m. when you're sitting at your desk, trying to figure out your next steps.

It's SO much easier and profoundly more fulfilling when you align with others who believe in your message, support the work you do in the world and help you expand your network and impact.

Wendy cares about helping difference makers and gives tools and the roadmap. The community keeps getting better and better and better. — Barry Laub

At the Difference-Maker Summit™ you'll connect with like-minded men and women who will support you in your dreams, be there for you when you lose your way, build projects and promotions with you and celebrate your victories. Success is SO much sweeter when you share it with people who get you!

Wendy is the biggest difference-maker in the world and the people at this event are the movers and shakers of the planet. The content is fabulous and she's the real deal! — Patricia Noll
I've heard a lot of marketers and taken a lot of programs and she spoke directly to me. I have a lot of books and online programs and it never came together for me to make the impact I know I can make until now. Wendy brought renewed energy and a renewed sense of true purpose to my work. — Dr. Erica Goodstone

What do you get at the Difference-Maker Summit™?

Four full days of step-by-step training and roll-up-your-sleeves activities to give you the strategies and formulas you need so you can customize and monetize your 10-Step, Focus on Impact™ Strategic Map and build a business you'll love without giving up your life to make it happen…

Amazing content and I can't believe that one woman could have so much stamina, be on the stage from morning to night and give all of herself — Elaine Cooper

Extreme clarity on your vision of impact, what it will take to make it happen and how to make sure you have everything you need so you wake up every single morning excited to build your global impact…

I've been to quite a few seminars, and this event was so much different than any I've ever been to because Wendy genuinely cares about you making an impact and making a difference in the world and gives you the full map! You would benefit by attending any of her events! — Gill Waddell

Effective sequencing so you know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it so you can maximize your impact and avoid shiny objects. You'll never waste one precious moment time or money on anything that doesn't fit your customized success plan…


If you've purchased books, products and programs to help you grow your reach, revenues or results, BRING them with you to this event! Seriously – opened or unopened DVDs, CDs, unread books, unused workbooks, notes from teleseminars and webinars - bring them all and Wendy will show you how to finally capitalize on all the money and time you've invested in the personal and professional development industry by plugging what you need into your customized Focus on Impact™ Map!

Powerful and lasting connections with Wendy's extraordinary community of caring and driven difference-makers so you'll never be alone on your Journey of Impact™…

This event is simply awesome! I finally found my tribe! This is a life-changing experience for me after getting married and being a mom! — Johanna Mansor

Facilitated participation in Wendy's Global Collaboration Project™ so you can grow your impact further and faster than you'll ever be able to accomplish on your own (includes ongoing collaborative supervision by Wendy after the event!)…

Wendy actually helps you move forward instead of being stuck. This is the first time I have a COMPLETE plan I can go home and implement and a community to lean on when I need help. — Jana McLain

A detailed Workbook and Resource Guide - your lifetime reference for every step of your journey, complete with charts, templates and more…

Wendy takes a real special effort to make sure you walk away with what you need. There's a real special attention she gives and a care for the individual that is really difficult to get that in a large speaking format but she still does it. I'm super impressed with her and I really enjoyed the experience. — Jason Webb, JD

Wendy's internationally acclaimed, You-Can't-Possibly Fail Follow-Up Action Plan™ - including step-by-step instructions to assure your implementation, accountability partners and a private Facebook page to access Wendy and all your new friends for ongoing support.

Join Wendy and
The Community of Difference-Makers

wendt on stage

July 30 – August 2, 2015 in Stamford, CT

15 minutes from New England's Beautiful Coastline Beaches and Only 45 Minutes from the Heart of New York City!


It was just amazing. She gave me all the tools, all the skills and more than that the confidence that I need to continue Jay's legacy. — Jeannie Levinson, Guerilla Marketing International



I finally got not only the book and chapter titles, but Wendy gave out the entire process and how-to steps to get it all done! This has changed me personally and my business acumen will never be the same and for that I'm glad I came and will be forever grateful to Ms. Wendy. — Karen Miller
Life-changing, empowering, impactful – Different from other seminars in that it's about selling without selling. I found my soul sister when I came here. She's given me the magic bean to grow the giant beanstalk! — Heshie Segal
It's so full of content, so much information, she makes it easy to follow, so well organized, so well put-together…for business leaders, authors, coaches, non-profit leaders, this information would suit no matter what business you're in. best 4 days of your life that you'll ever spend and it will propel your business into arenas that you never even thought possible. — Kim Becker
Her research blew me away! I've never heard anyone so results-focused and determined to make sure that the people who come into her seminar are actually using what she teaches them out in the world and making an impact. — Lisa Lauze
It is step-by-step from beginning to end…I found my message with the help of Wendy and many awesome people and I am ready to move forward! — Marie Robinson
There's a wonderful sense of ethics about her and I totally trust her. It's unique content in that she knows where I am, she knows what I know and she's given me enough skills to move forward. — Nancy Smith
This is a different way of thinking about being a difference-maker and making an impact. She gave us so much step-by-step content, I'm going to re-do my products and services and produce some new products! This is life and business changing. — Phyllis Benstein
I have done a lot of workshops and programs but within the first hour, I knew that this was a different program. The impact that this young lady has is profound. You will transform your life. If you want to have impact and change other people's lives and make a very wonderful income, you must be at Wendy's next training. — Richard Kaye

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